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Taste the world with Bluma

Bluma wants to provide you with an emotionally rich culinary experience, where borders are erased and cultures meet. Bluma’s concept and deepest desire are to bring together the curious and share delicious food from all over the world around the same table in our city of Biel. The countries of the world offer a wealth of riches to those who visit them, immersing themselves in cultures to discover secrets, histories, and foundations, both past and present.


Welcome in Tijuanafrs. 13.50
Quesadilla with cheese, red onions, cilantro, guacamole
Gracias Diegofrs. 16.50
Argentine style beef ribs, mashed sweet potatoes,
grilled spring onions, homemade BBQ Pepsi-Cola sauce, chimichurri
Canadian poutinefrs. 9.50
Creamy cheese, poutine sauce (brown gravy)
Plancha-grilled ribeyefrs. 18.50
Puffed potatoes, chimichuri sauce


Lorenzo and Vincenzofrs. 13.50
Creamy burrata, San Marzano tomatoes, rucola, olive oil, parmesan chips, black olive crumbel, hibiscus-chilli balsamic
Mixed salad bowl VEGANfrs. 9.50
Green salad, cherry tomatoes, carrots julienne,
with French or Italian dressing
Mountain treasurefrs. 13.50
« Älplermagronen », macaroni, potatoes, roasted onions
and bacon lardons
Baked Camembertfrs. 12.50
Camembert gratin, grapes and garlic bread

Middle East and Africa

Baked eggplant VEGANfrs. 12.50
Baked eggplant, roasted turmeric cauliflower,
vegan five spice sauce, pomegranate and mint
North African saladfrs. 13.50
Couscous with vegetables, red Dhofar, orange raisins and mint
Falafel with hummusfrs. 12.50
Falafel with herbs, creamy hummus with dry red grape, fresh coriander,
Espelette pepper
Nyami Yamfrs. 11.50
Breaded yams with dePanco breadcrumbs, petits poids mousseline, garlic mayonnaise


Take me to Goafrs. 16.50
Red beef curry, basmati rice, pita bread
Vegetables Gyozafrs. 14.50
Gyoza with vegetables and goma wakame
Bao bun with pulled porkfrs. 15.50
Bao bun with pulled pork, chili and sesame seeds
Asian Dumplingsfrs. 18.50
Pork Belly, Shiitake & Maroni, Grün Thai Curry VEGAN , Plant-based chicken VEGAN. Sauces: Hoisin sauce, chilli mayo, black pepper
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The Bluma finalfrs. 12.00
Dark and white Toblerone mousse, coffee ice cream,
raspberry compote, fresh mango
Nawiliwili Kauai Ocean Bowl VEGANfrs. 12.00
Pineapple, banana, mango, zucchini, dates, coconut flakes,
mint and phycocyanin
Sweet temptationfrs. 12.00
Mochi selection in three flavors
Apple tartlet with vanilla ice creamfrs. 12.00
Apple tartlet, sliced apple, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
Selection of ice cream & sorbetfrs. 12.00
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, stracciatella, hazelnut, coffee.
Sorbet: lemon, raspberry
Sunday Brunch by Bluma
Sunday Brunch by Bluma – Taste the world – Biel/Bienne

Composez votre assiette de pankcakes et d’oeufs selon vos goûts et votre envie.
Envie de sucrés, salés, chaud ou froid? Notre buffet offre un large choix de produits.
Vivez une experience gustative avec nos différents thés épicés et nos eaux aromatisée, mais les classiques sont aussi de sortie.
Les petits gastronomes sont également de la partie avec un prix préférentiel de 20.- CHF pour les moins de 15 ans et gratuit pour les moins de 7 ans.

Gestalten Sie Ihren Teller mit Pfannkuchen und Eiern ganz nach Ihrem Geschmack und Ihren Wünschen.
Eine große Auswahl an Salziges oder süßen Produkten, heiß oder kalt, Sie haben die Wahl.
Erleben Sie etwas Außergewöhnliches mit Tee aus Gewürzen oder aromatisiertem Wasser. Aber auch die Klassiker sind vorhanden.
Kinder unter 15 Jahren können für 20 CHF endlos konsumieren und die jüngsten Kinder unter 7 Jahren sogar kostenlos.

Father Day 2024 Pic Base 2
Happy Father’s Day Biel/Bienne 2024 – Bluma Bar & Restaurant – Courtyard by Marriott Biel/Bienne