Welcome to Bluma

Where culinary exploration is at the heart of everything.

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From world to Biel

It was my travels that inspired me to create this unique concept right here in the heart of my hometown, Biel.

Join us for a journey into the world of flavors, where we unlock the secrets of delicious recipes I’ve collected on my travels. If you’re an adventurous food lover with an insatiable curiosity for diverse tastes, you’ve found your culinary haven at Bluma.

My mission is to bring people together, forging a strong sense of community, and celebrating the rich tapestry of global cuisine. So, take a seat at Bluma, savor the moment, and let’s explore the world, one unforgettable bite at a time.

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Discover the world on your
plate at Bluma

Slice Picto Global Inspirations

20+ global inspirations

I take you on a journey to over 20 countries, with a menu featuring more than 50 meticulously prepared dishes, each capturing the essence of its region.

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500+ global ingredients

From exotic fruits to rare herbs, i incorporate over 500 unique ingredients into my recipes, promising an unparalleled and truly global dining experience.

Slice Picto Passionate Team

Passionate team

My dedicated team of chefs and staff shares a collective passion for celebrating global cuisine, making every visit a memorable journey.

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4 continents, 1 table

At my table, i transport you across four continents to discover the diverse flavors of Europe, Asia, america, and the Middle East.

Slice Picto Local Sourcing

Local sourcing

I prioritize using locally sourced, fresh ingredients whenever possible, ensuring a sustainable and seasonal dining experience that supports our local community in Biel.

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Community connection

I’m proud to work with local partners. The integration of local flavors into our international offering here in Biel is a testament to our commitment.